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The answer is yes and no. Sorry, there's no straightforward answer to be had here, but ill try to keep it short.

Honestly this term kind of confuses me, but I have been asked more than once now, so I would like to address it. the problem is that 'open species' has no legal precedence, its just a sort of evolved shared culture. If I said 'yes, I'm not sure if that would be surrendering my legal copyright by public consent, if I say no, it looks like I would not be intrigued by other people interpretative my work at all. its a pickle.

So, rather than saying 'yes, this is an open species' on my original species I thought I would just like to set some ground rules on my own terms. that way there will be no misunderstandings.

:bulletgreen: Yes, I would love to see characters created of my various species. ill link all my original species down the bottom for you guys, and I have been working on a few more that should be posted soon.
:bulletgreen:I ask for my sanity that if you do you stick to the established posted cannon of those species, which may be subject to change.
:bulletgreen: you can use said created characters in your own private rps without my consent.
:bulletgreen: And also in your own public galleries (or tumblrs etc) without my permission, but because they are copyright to myself, you must recognize my authorship and provide a link to either me or the original reference by myself. Honestly, I would be more lenient on this but I think its important for all of us to respect all artists this way and I want to set a good example.
:bulletgreen: please send me a note of what you do! Id be hella exited to see it!

:bulletred: you cannot sell, resell or make profit in any manner from my species. This includes being commissioned to create ocs, adopribles, creating stickers, any of this. This does not include art trades or oc commissions of existing characters. If you want to commission someone else to draw your oc that is fine, but don't sell my creations. thats my job.
:bulletred: again, you must acknowledge copyright every time you publicly post work that uses my intellectual property. This is just common courtesy however and I expect most would do this regardless.

:bulletblue: I have two versions of 'fey' one within the heartwood and one that stands on its own. My intent is to make my version of the stand alone 'fey' an open world, and most of the fey world information I am happy for people to borrow,(as it is mostly itself borrowed) excluding OCs.  
Please send me a link if you do so however, your not obliged but I would love to see!

Hopefully that answers all possible questions. I will update this journal page as information changes.
Now, for those now curious, my original species (or at least all those with actual references on DA), please forgive the age of some of these :
The I.I.G.I.R, I have had a few people make their own Iigirs now XD, hes still one of my favorites
IIGIR by CircuitDruid

Mothdogs! (which was the one that finally spurred this journal)
Mothdogs by CircuitDruid

T'kodi: I dont have a proper reference up for the t'kodi yet but heres a few pictures of them:
Hetherev: Axkara ref by CircuitDruidPlanetborn Tkodi by CircuitDruida quick Captain Shark by CircuitDruidNew tablet t'kodi by CircuitDruid

The Epachrae,
ref is quite out of date but the second and third images are current
Species sheet: epachrae by CircuitDruidRefining the epachrae by CircuitDruidmore refining by CircuitDruid

And the open world fey information (links to tumblr, no DA link yet):
(needs a update I know, ill get to it soon as some time clears up. I've been thinking of setting it up its own wiki, but i need to set aside time to do it)

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